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Playwright/performance artist, Stevie Jay, performs his acclaimed one-man show: “Life Love Sex Death…and other works in progress (a multi-chakra extravaganza) on Friday and Saturday, March 9 and 10, at 8pm sharp. A dance party will follow each performance.

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Internationally-acclaimed playwright and performance artist, Stevie Jay, returns to Charlottesville with his button-pushing, pot-stirring, multi-chakra extravaganza: “Life Love Sex Death…and other works in progress” for 2 nights at The Bridge! Friday and Saturday, March 9 and 10 at 8pm sharp. A dance party will follow each performance with special guests, Beleza Brasil (Friday) and DJ Kris Bowmaster (Saturday). 

Grown-ups only, please. Early arrival recommended: Show starts promptly at 8pm. Latecomers will be left outside like bad dogs. Webpage with show details:

Tickets: $10 at the door – includes admission to show and dance party. Reservations recommended. Contact (For those who wish to ONLY attend the dance party and NOT the show, admission is $5 following the performance.)

About Stevie Jay and “Life Love Sex Death…and other works in progress” (A multi-chakra extravaganza) Stevie Jay takes audiences on a trip into the human psyche, painting a picture of Real Life on Earth with personal, uncensored stories about relationships, sex, working out at the gym, working out sexual relationships at the gym–and the endless struggle to remain spiritually-oriented and irresistibly-gorgeous at all times.
Through a series of revelatory monologues, soulful skits, embarrassing observations, and intermittent go-go dancing, Stevie explores the thrills and horrors of intimacy, sexual labels, identity issues, and the need for an open heart and a sense of humor in our technologically-driven world.The play also features an inclusive romance segment in which the gender of the beloved is never mentioned; audience members are free to personalize the experience for themselves.

Stevie originally gave birth to “Life Love Sex Death…and other works in progress” at Live Arts more than a decade ago. The play was presented twice at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which resulted in a 4-week London debut with rave reviews. ( Stevie went on to present his work at colleges and progressive venues throughout the country, drawing large and diverse audiences, and sparking lively discussions (and emotions).

In 2008, “Life Love Sex Death…and other works in progress” was chosen as the kick-off program for a week-long event at Yale University (Sex Week at Yale”) and then debuted in San Francisco for a four-night, full-house run. The show was subsequently chosen as the opening play for the 2009-10 Season of Rhode Island’s prestigious “Perishable Theatre,” and that same year, Stevie launched a new work in progress, entitled: “Falling Through The Cracks:::a homeopathic remedy for the new millennium…in one dose,” which takes place entirely in Charlottesville on a single night.

In 2011, Stevie received a rare endorsement from The Kinsey Institute for Sex, Gender and Reproduction, describing his show as “never more relevant than it is now,” and “a great vehicle for helping mainstream audiences understand the wide spectrum of sexuality and relationships.”

Most recently, Stevie’s work received critical acclaim when he performed at Washington DC’s Capital Fringe Festival, and theater reviewers praised the play’s central theme of love and transcendence: “Stevie Jay hits an elusive target–breaking down the usual barriers and connecting. I thought he was really smart about teasing sexuality issues into view and then being playfully resistant about the way we get hung up on labels. We rehash this publicly all the time, yet he made it fresh.” (Nelson Pressley, The Washington Post, Editors’ Pick)

It’s been two years since Stevie has performed in town, and we’re all looking forward to an exciting event. At this point, the multi-chakra extravaganza is considered “a Charlottesville rite of passage.”
Featured Stevie Jay Clips:

“Pregnant and Scared”

“Are We STILL Talking About That Gay Thing?”

“Miss Idaho” – Stevie with John D’earth and the UVA Jazz Ensemble at Cabell Hall

Review Blurbs:
“Stevie Jay presents an evening of dangerous hilarity, pushing the envelope, and leaving his audiences with a LOT to think about!” -Ray Faiola, CBS, New York “Stevie Jay takes us full circle and wipes the slate clean–daring us to be anything other than OPEN during our lifetime.” -Jane Ambachtsheer, Theatreworld Magazine, UK “Stevie Jay has invented his own genre of performing–advanced theatre never seen before!” -Farhad Emad, Tashbain Chronicle, Yorkshire, UK “No audience could possibly be advised in advance as to what to expect from Stevie Jay. This is performance art at its best!” -Deborah Minsky, Provincetown Banner “Not just a show, more like a relationship. No performer has ever had so personal an effect on me. Extraordinary!”
-Kate Copstick, The Scotsman, UK “A latter day Lenny Bruce! Grippingly funny–not for the weak of heart, though they might need him most!”
-Phyllis White, Programmer, WTJU Radio

“This show is like ecstasy without the holes in your brain!” –Eli Duke, “AS REAL AS IT GETS! Naughty, bawdy, soul-searching, and hilarious! Like the deepest breath you’ve ever taken.” -Yael Ksander, Producer, WFHB-Radio

“Stevie Jay picks up where Lily Tomlin left off. This show is nothing less than a timeless, transformational masterpiece!” -Amy Lemley, Board Member, Live Arts “Stevie Jay is a wisecracking prophet!” -Toby Emert, CVILLE Weekly “Hits so many levels of the human psyche so fast, there’s no time to come up for air!” -Glenn Harris, Miki Liszt Dance Company “The frankness of Stevie Jay’s humor and raw honesty makes the whole audience undress their souls!” -Josh Martin, Director, American Lands Alliance “I have never seen a man so in love with his own abdomen. I would rather pass a kidney stone than see him again. -Bony Motel, “A study in naked narcissism like you’ve never seen. Save your money and go people-watching at Walmart.” -Dharmaguy, “This show is mind-blowing and life-changing and should be booked in every major city across the continent–and then some!” -Barb Germershausen, Simply Yoga “Not since Terminator II has my husband been so riveted by a performer!” -Gigi Payne, Family Preservation Services