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Collateral Bodies

Collateral Bodies written by Erin Kaplan
Directed by Erle Bjornstad + Produced by Evy Bjorn // JULY 25th-28th // 8pm // $10


Collateral Bodies explores the human rights violations that happen
specifically to women, also known as “femicide.” The experiences these
women relate are experiences that are currently being lived by many in
places all over our world: sex-trafficking, rape, female circumcision,
bride burning, domestic violence and incarceration. The stories told
here are fictional yet based in truth from research, interviews,
documentaries and historical texts. As the play opens, all of the
women are brought back to life by the Woman in White so that they may
tell the stories of their lives-who they were and how they died. They
are Hope, Rajeey, Omid, Esperanza, Nadiya and Asha, women from six
specific cultures-American, Mexican, Indian, Iranian, Somali and
Eastern European-whose lives were ended in various ways simply for
being female. The goal of this piece is to enlighten spectators about
the state of women in our “modern” world and give an impetus for
action against the atrocities presented in the play, so that the next
generation of women have a better chance at life. These women are
motivations, meant to empower us to stand up, act, make our voices
heard. We, and our actions, are their legacy.